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Green light for weekends in perfect Dolce Vita style!

We can finally start to T-R-A-V-E-L again and to discover our beautiful territory! Maybe by car, perhaps with someone beloved, what we want the most is to feel comfortable and at ease. Careful, though: comfortable does not mean scruffy! To travel, choose a look which is comfortable, but doesn’t do without a glam & feminine touch. Sort of like celebrities who are photographed in a great shape even after a long trip, while dragging their heavy luggage! If you are looking for an inspiration, you just have to discover our Dolce Vita style outfit proposals. Let’s start from a short-sleeve denim jumpsuit, which allows for great freedom of movement without, however, giving up a chic touch; if, on the other hand, you’d prefer a two-piece suit, palazzo trousers in soft stretch denim are fine, matched with a wide, very light and casual blouse. Speaking of coolness, long and wide skirts are fine, perfect for traveling in style, as are the practical maxi stretch bermuda shorts – super popular – combined with soft silk blouses. As for accessories, go for sneakers or low open sandals, to be combined with backpacks or roomy shopping bags. Did we inspire you? Take a look at our travel outfits, super cool and at incredible prices!

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